Sławomir Ostrowski - Curriculum Vitae

Name: Sławomir Ostrowski

Born: 8.10.1972 Łańcut, Poland

Education: 1991-1996 Studies at the Department of Chemistry, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin

June 1996 Master Degree thesis " Application Fast Fourier Transform method for the determination of the correlation function of liquid mixtures" completed in the Department for the Modelling of Physico-Chemical Processes, supervised by Prof. Stefan Sokołowski

Dec. 2010 Completion of the Ph. D. thesis "The Mechanism of Side Chain Elongation and Physico-Chemical Properties of Alkylaromatic Compounds. A Computational Study" provided at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology and supervised by Prof. Jan Cz. Dobrowolski


1996-1998 Daewoo Motor Polska, Lublin

1999-2010 Research assistant in the Department for Development of Technology of the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Warsaw

2011-2013 Assistant professor in the Spectroscopy and Molecular Modelling Group  of ICRI, Warsaw

2013- 2014 Assistant professor in the Spectroscopy and Molecular Modelling Group of Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw

Scientific interest: Theoretical calculations of: modelling path reaction; intramolecular interactions; conformational analysis; chemical reactions

Publications: 22 papers in journals reported in the Science Citation Index, 46 Conference Presentations

Social Activity:

2006-2017  Member of the Directory of Warsaw Division Polish Chemical Society, and since 2009-2017 he is Management Member of the Division.

Co-organizer of ChemSessions: the 1-day Seminars of Ph.D. Students of Warsaw District held by Warsaw Division of Polish Chemical Society.

Webmaster : www.ptchem.waw.pl , www.chemsession.pl , www.smmg.pl, www.euroboron6.pl , www.mcdd-2013.pl, grazyna-roman.pl krzysztof-dobrowolski.pl

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