The Spectroscopy and Molecular Modeling Group

Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, 16 Dorodna Street 03-195 Warsaw, Poland

Main Research Fields


The Group in the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology was created at the beginning of 2014. It is part of the Centre for Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry department.
It was originally formed in 2008 in the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, where it was a successor to the IR Laboratory in the Department of Technical Physics headed by Prof. Janina Świętosławska from 1945 until 1970. The Department’s name has been changed several times and has  been successively supervised, inter alia, by Assoc. Prof. Krystyna Gorczyńska, Assoc. Prof. Halina Barańska, and Prof. Piotr Wrona. During this time, we extended our research interest by the theoretical modeling of catalytic problems – the main issue of interest to our friend and former boss Assoc. Prof. Marek A. Borowiak.
All this time, Vibrational Spectroscopy was the main interest of the Group. First, software written by Prof. Michał H. Jamróz enhanced the efficiency of the experimental IR spectroscopy method. Since the mid 1990s, we started to use the computational techniques of quantum chemistry. Since the death of Prof. Jamróz in 2017, we are not developing the software any more. Now, the main fields of interest of the Group are as listed above.