Jan Czesław Dobrowolski - Curriculum Vitae

Born: July 10th, 1959, Warsaw
Married, one son, two grand-daughters
Phone: INCT: (+48)22-504 10 86
Phone: NMI:  (+48)22-841-18 88 ext 355

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1983         M.Sc. Degree in the Laboratory of Intermolecular Interactions
1986-1990 Afternoon Studies at the Faculty of Mathematics, UW
1992         Ph.D. Degree in tech. sci. Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Warsaw.
2003         D.Sc. Degree (Habilitation) Physical Chemistry Faculty of Chemistry, UW.
2011         Full professor.

Active English, passive French, passive Russian.

Research Interest

Computational Chemistry - problems connected to pharmacy and nuclear chemistry
Mathematical Chemistry - some aspects of Graph Theory and Topological Isomerism
Physical Organic Chemistry - especially Chirality Measures, Substituent Effect, Heteroatom Incorporation Effect, Aromaticity
Vibrational Spectroscopy  - especially IR and VCD

Professional Experience

June 2016

he has joined the Editorial Board of the MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry journal devoted to chemically important mathematical results and non-routine applications of mathematical techniques to chemical problems.

Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, 2008-2013 head of the Spectroscopy and Molecular Modeling Group, ICRI
three months in Rütgerswerke A.G. in Duisburg, Germany.
Fulbright scholarship in Prof. Milan Randić Lab in Drake University, USA.

Scientific Publications

  • Author and co-author of over 190 papers, over 2100 independent citations, Hirsch Index 26.
  • Additionaly he is author and co-author of 5 book chapters, 20 papers in local journals, 2 German, 3 Polish patents, and 2 Polish patent applications.

Supervised Ph.D. Theses

2006, Dr. Joanna E Rode (ICRI), (with honors) Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw.
2008, Dr. Wojciech P. Ozimiński (NMI) (with honors), Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw.
2015, Dr. Pharm. Andrzej Mazurek (NMI) (with honors), Wrsaw Medical University, Warsaw
2017, Dr. Katarzyna Łuczyńska (INCT), Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw.

Reviewed Ph.D. and D.Sc. theses and Professors' achievements

2005 Dr. Małgorzata Darowska (Hallman) from Warsaw Agriculture University, thesis defended at Faculty of Chemistry of University of Warsaw.
2010 Dr. Beata Wrzosek, Faculty of Chemistry of University of Warsaw.
2010 Dr. Michał A. Dobrowolski, Faculty of Chemistry of University of Warsaw.
2010 Dr. Sc. (Habilitation) Marcin Palusiak, Faculty of Chemistry in University of Lodz.
2012 Prof. dr hab. (Professor achievments)Piotr Cysewski, Faculty of Chemistry of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.
2014 Dr. Arkadiusz Ciesielski, Faculty of Chemistry of University of Warsaw
2017 Dr. Katarzyna Sujka, Warsaw Agriculture University, Warsaw.
2018 Prof. dr hab. Mariusz Makowski, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk.
2019 Dr. Magdalena Reder, Warsaw Agriculture University, Warsaw.

Lectures & Seminars

Social Activity

1980-1981 head of Independent Student Society in Faculty of Chemistry, UW
1980-1983 students' representative to Scientific Council of Faculty of Chemistry, UW.
1989-1991 vice leader of „Solidarity" in the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute.
1984-2010 member of „Solidarity".
1991-1995 and since 1999 till 2013 member of Scientific Council of ICRI.
2006-2009 member of Employee's Council in ICRI.
2008-2010 he was member of Common Disciplinary Commission of Research Institutes. Till the end of 2013 Disciplinary Spokesman in ICRI. The two disciplinary functions are connected to ethics of scientific work.
1999- member of the Polish Chemical Society. Since 2004 he is member of Directory of Warsaw Division of PCS. For 2009-2012 he was elected the head of the Division.
1999- member of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society.
2015- Member of Scientific Council of Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw