Piotr F.J. Lipiński CV

Born: 29.12.1988, Warsaw, Poland


2007-2012, Medical University of Warsaw, Pharmaceutical Phaculty, Pharmacy,

2012 M.Sc, Pharm. D. (mgr farmacji), thesis “SOSA in silico approach in search for new ligands of the androgen receptor”.

2016 Completion of the Ph. D. thesis "Nowe aspekty analizy chiralnej QSPR" provided at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology and supervised by Prof. Jan Cz. Dobrowolski


2013-         - Mossakowski Medical Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences

2013-2016 - leader of the National Centre of Science grant - Drug design: Chirality measures as QSAR descriptors.

2012-2013 - younger scientist in the Spectroscopy and Molecular Modelling Group of ICRI, Warsaw

Scientific interest:

Computer-aided drug design, quantum-chemical calculations in drug design, QSAR, chirality, medicinal chemistry, androgen receptor.


10 papers in journals reported in the Science Citation Report. One chapter in the book printed by Springer, 2 papers in local journals, 5 popular science papers, 19 Conference Presentations and Talks given at Seminars.


  • Scientific Award granted by the Director of Mossakowski Medical Research Centre PAS (for two papers published in 2014), Warszawa, 31th March 2016
  • First Wojciech Świętosławski team award 2013 by Scientific Council of the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute of Prof. Ignacy Mościcki, togetherwith: Jan Cz. Dobrowolski, Michał H. Jamróz, Piotr F. J. Lipiński, Sławomir Ostrowski, Joanna E. Rode.